Ray Turning 60

Turning 60 Years Old!

Turning 60 years old (my birthday is October 2nd, 1959) is a big celebration for me as I look back 30 years ago. Most people show success stories with “before” & “after” pictures, by claiming success in using the latest fad or gimmicky products. Well I say, “good for them”, but how long does it last before they go back to old unhealthy habits and they have to start all over again.

There is no one magic pill, supplement or device that works alone, it’s a combination of a few changes in your life to fight back at today’s polluted, adulterated world. Most people know that and still buy the fake HGH gel that could never work! Remember this… there’s never just one component that gets you to your health & fitness goals, if someone tells you different, they’re selling you something!

In my images above, you see two “after” pictures of me, one at the age of 30 in 1989 and the other of me at 60 years old in 2019 (picture taken two weeks ago). Not a whole lot has changed physically, I do have a few more bodybuilding trophies and ribbons, even the car is the same color and type, just an updated model with more power and options like our bodies should be as we age.

Some people have a hard time staying on a “diet” or “fitness program” for just 30 days, try 30 years! What’s my secret? Three words… “Consistency, Patience & Time”.

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You Were Made to Rise

Post-surgery workout – What a difference 1 workout makes

It’s 7 weeks after my elbow tendon surgery and my physical therapist and doctor gave me the go ahead to restart LIGHT weight training. You don’t have to tell me twice.  I did a mini vlog just before I went into the gym yesterday and another when I finished my workout (watch them below and see the difference in my outlook before and after).

A bump in the road

But the thing is, I decided while I was recovering from this procedure to have another pain looked at. This one in my right hamstring at the attachment point at the gluteal fold (i.e. just under the butt cheek 😊) I had an MRI last Tue and got the results last Thu. It revealed quite a bit more than I was expecting, but makes sense given the pain, tingling, etc. I feel sometimes. In a nutshell:

  1. Degenerative hip labrum tearing (a.k.a. arthritis) and a focal tear (still learning about this).
  2. A stress fracture in L5 (spondylolysis) and grade 2 anterolisthesis (forward slippage of vertebrae 50%). I’ll be getting a full lumbar x-ray or MRI very soon so I know exactly what is going on and how to work around it. https://www.spine-health.com/video/lumbar-spondylolysis-video
  3. (This is what I went in for in the first place) tendinosis and low grade chronic partial tearing at the hamstring origin. I’ll be getting PRP on Tuesday. Watch this re PRP:  https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=what+is+prp&&view=detail&mid=F30FF7A53ED765DC7A79F30FF7A53ED765DC7A79&&FORM=VRDGAR

Thank God for Ray Bessette

I was ready to go back to the gym, but now with this new situation in my lower body, I started to feel sorry for myself on Friday. I wanted to work out upper body but now I’m so afraid to do anything that’s going to mess up my back without knowing more about what’s going on. Thank God for my husband who let me cry it out and have a very short pity party (a.k.a. An Instance of Indulging in Self-Pity 😊).

“You can turn this negative into a positive,” said Ray

Ray encouraged me that I can turn this negative into a positive and he offered to help me with some upper body exercises that will stabilize me and not put excessive pressure on either my arms which are still healing or my lower body that I’m trying to protect as much as possible right now. Once I got to the gym Saturday I was feeling like I wouldn’t have that much I could do, but Ray showed me many variations of exercises using machines and recommendations on what to do to get a full upper body workout spread throughout the week. He was patient and empathetic, educating me the entire time.

I felt so depressed going into the gym and felt so optimistic leaving the gym…a complete 180. Yes, of course, Ray took special care because I am his wife, but let me tell you, I’ve shadowed him in the gym many times or worked out in the proximity where he is training clients and I can tell you he gives them ALL the same treatment. He cares. Watch these videos and see the difference in my spirit before and after the workout.

For some of us, the gym is therapy

It’s my “drug” of choice. With ball cap on and down over head, Beats on; and heavy music playing, it’s my “Me” time. My playlist (which I’m listening to now) has a mixture of hard rock and contemporary Christian and one of my favorite Christian songs has come on (Danny Gokey’s RISE). Yes, I will take this as a message to me from God on High. I encourage you to listen if you are feeling helpless or hopeless: https://www.bing.com/search?q=rise+danny+gokey+song&src=IE-SearchBox&FORM=IESR4A&pc=EUPP_UE02


Before the naysayers chime in or think to themselves how I should feel fortunate this is all I’m going through and it’s not a life-threatening experience like some are dealing with including very close friends of mine….let me respond by saying, “Yes, I know that.”  This is why my pity party lasted all of about less than one day.

Are you in the same boat?

If you are in a similar situation recovering from an injury or need a new way to workout because of an injury, I HIGHLY recommend working with a certified personal trainer who is innovative, listens to you, seeks feedback from you on how a movement is making you feel and has the intuitiveness to change or modify movements to suit your personal circumstances.  Of course I’m biased.  If you want the BEST, then you must contact Ray Bessette here.   He will get you on the road to improved physical fitness.  Learn more about who his is, his experience, and what motivates him to make you better.

You were made to RISE!

Rise Lyrics – Danny Gokey

Watch the Video here

There’s a brokenness inside of you
There’s a wound that still reminds you
Of the fear, shame and rejection
You have seen it, you have seen it

You know it’s time to get up
But your heart’s paralyzed, you’re so stuck
You’re past the point of trying again
You’re defeated, you’re defeated

But something inside you can’t deny
You hear the call of your creator
I made you for more, unlocked the door
I wanna restore your glory

So rise
Breaking the dark, piercing the night
You’re made to shine
An army of hope
Bringing the world
A radiant light
A radiant light
You were made to rise, rise

Lift your head and look around you
See the dreams you lost, they have found you
And the heart that once was beating
Is coming back to life
Coming back to life

But something inside you can’t deny
You hear the call of your creator
I made you for more, unlocked the door
I wanna restore your glory

So rise
Breaking the dark, piercing the night
You’re made to shine
An army of hope
Bringing the world
A radiant light
A radiant light
You were made to rise, rise

Shut the door on yesterday
Leave what happened in the grave
You were made to rise
You were made to shine
Creations longing for the day
For kings and queens to take their place
You were made to rise
You were made to shine

Breaking the dark
Piercing the night
Made to shine
Bring the world
A radiant light

Breaking the dark, piercing the night
You’re made to shine
An army of hope
Bringing the world
A radiant light
A radiant light
You were made to rise, rise

Lose Weight

Changing Your Body Takes Consistency, Patience and Time

Personal Training in Spring, TexasA new year is here and that usually brings with it New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight, get in shape, go to the gym, etc. The new year is a great time to turn over a new leaf for many people. If this is a resolution you’ve had year after year, then we want to encourage and motivate you to let this be the last year you resolve to do this. Fitness isn’t a seasonal hobby; it’s a lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood.


So, you’ve made the resolution and made up your mind that you’re going to lose weight and get in shape this year. You’re going to the gym and you’ve improved your diet.  That is great!  Now, for it to be effective and to get the results you want, you’re going to have to be consistent.  Be true to yourself.  If you are not getting results, ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I being consistent with proper nutrition?
  • Am I being consistent with my exercise routine?
  • (If you’re working with a personal trainer) Am I keeping my appointments with my personal trainer?

If you can’t answer yes to all of the above question, then how can you say this doesn’t work?  You can’t be inconsistent and expect results, so just do it.


To change your body for good, there is no magic pill.  You will have to dig deep and practice patience.  Let’s be honest about this.  If you are in need of losing excess weight, you’re going to have to be patient about it.  You didn’t get in this shape overnight.  To lose the weight in a healthy manner and sustain that weight loss, you can’t do it quickly.  People who enjoy good health and fit physiques understand that it is a lifestyle. Don’t give up after a week or two of no scale results.  The moment you want to quit is the moment when you need to keep pushing.


Personal Training Spring, TexasYou’ve heard it before.  Your mother probably told you this years ago.  Good things take time.  After some time has passed and you’ve been patient with your changes and consistent with your nutrition and training, you are going to see changes with your body and your health will be improved.

Your New Lifestyle.

This lifestyle you’ve chosen is new and everything that is new takes time to get used to.  There will be a learning curve and it will be scary, but it can be done.  Do not throw in the towel because you feel intimidated or that you’re not good enough or you can’t do it.  What would happen if you just didn’t give up?  You only have one life and you are the only one who can change your life. Dig deep and do the work. Otherwise, you’re going to have to start again. Imagine yourself six months from now.  Don’t stop.  It WILL be worth it.

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