The weights are your friend…

This says it all. I write this especially for the ladies out there who fear the weights because they are afraid it will bulk them up or make them look like a man (see pic below for proof it doesn’t).  Gals, it is difficult for us to get bulky by lifting weights…our natural hormonal makeup won’t allow it. Don’t fear the (heavy) weights! These are what will build your muscles and create the shapely body many of you want. Doing leg lifts or side bends in your living room isn’t going to cut it! You’ve got to lift weight to get that look. There are countless other benefits to your overall health that you only get from weight training. Ray’s discussed them in his Facebook videos. A few examples: 1) you burn more calories after a strength training workout than you do after a cardio session…there is no metabolic effect after cardio; however, after a weight training session, you continue to burn calories after the workout as your body is repairing itself from the workout you just had; 2) muscle burn more calories at rest; 3) weight training prevents osteoporosis because as you increase muscle mass, your bones must adapt to accommodate the muscle mass increase, so the bones increase in density, thus lowering the risk for osteoporosis; 4) face it…muscle looks better on our body than fat does!

Following is my personal experience over the last three months to illustrate what I’m talking about. With focused training, lifting heavy, eating more (not less), I’m getting stronger and physique changes are happening. I’ve posted recently about strength gains which I’m proud of because of the consistent, hard work. Friday I worked out my back and, again, had gains on all my lifts…except for my pullups. I didn’t get as many reps as the two previous weeks. Why? Not because I’m not getting stronger, but I’m gaining muscle weight, so the pullups are more difficult.

Since March 7, I’ve put on 10 lbs. of muscle; BMI increased 1.1; and body fat percentage decreased 0.3%. This has been done with no calorie restriction. By the way, the heavier weights I’m lifting (55 lb. dumbbell chest press; 45 lb. shoulder press; 65 lb. single arm dumbbell row; 140 lb. deadlifts; 160 lb. back squats) have not given me a bulky or manly look.

To sum it up, girls, pick up the weights and get on the road to getting the body you want. Need help getting started, reach out to or stop by and see us for a free fitness assessment.

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